“ I’m writing to let you know that Divisha often talks about her school, Almost every alternate day she writes a letter with lot of scribbles on post-it notes and then reading them loud – how much she love Tiny town,She also tries to recollect two rhymes – one on bees and one on scarecrow, but can’t remember them properly. You should see how proudly she tells everyone here that she goes to Tiny Town Nursery School (even now), I think she still thinks we are in a long vacation here and will be back in Bangalore :)I just thought of thanking you and your team for making this school such a wonderful place for kids and making such lovely memories. I so much pray and hope her new school be as much fun as TTN and she enjoys it as much as she did it there. She will be starting her school here from October. – Loads of love”

Debalina - Parent

“We really appreciate everything you guys and the TTN teachers have done to ensure our child Diya’s wellbeing. She enjoyed at TTN and I felt very safe leaving her with you guys. Please convey my feelings to the teachers and other management. Diya will miss you guys for sure and I hope I can find a day care as nice as TTN again for her. Thanks

Aparna - Parent

“I visited several facilities before I zeroed in on Tiny Town just for the space, ambience, teachers, ratio of Kids to staff etc.,  to name a few before I finalised the pre-school for my child, Saanchi.

Vidya - parent

“Pragathi has enjoyed the after school care provided and it’s been a safe and secure environment there. Also the support provided during her Holidays while we were working was very helpful

Karana Singh - Parent

“My son, Namishis going for the last 1.5 years to Tiny Town preschool and he really enjoys in the school. Learnt so many new things and he loves Tiny town.

Nisha - Parent

“My son,Arpith  has been in Tiny Town for the last 2 years. He is very comfortable with the school and staff.

Karan Singh - Parent

“ We are thankful to Tiny town for the  progress that Aarav has made from a restless toddler to a playful kid. It has been a second family for Aarav for all these years.”


Megha - Parent