Teacher/Assistant Teachers

Teacher/Assistant Teachers Profile

Teacher Assistant

Job description

To work in pre-school with children aged between two and six. The teachers should plan and carry out activities in line with the requirements of the early years foundation stage (EYFS).This involves developing work schemes and lessons plans to motivate children and imaginatively using resources to help them learn as below:

  • To develop the social and communication skills of children
  • Provide a safe and secure environment in which the child can learn.
  • Build and maintain relationships with parents and guardians to further support pupils.
  • Record observations and summarize the children’s achievements.
  • They focus on optimum child development and preparation for a successful transition to primary school education.
  • To take up Activities focused on helping children to achieve early learning goals.

Working Hours – 8-30 am to 6-30 pm

Skills and Interests – To be a nurse cum teacher you need to show evidence of the following:

  • A respect and fondness for children;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Good listening skills;
  • The capacity to learn quickly;
  • Excellent organisational skills;
  • The ability to inspire and enthuse young children;
  • Energy, resourcefulness, responsibility, patience and a caring nature;
  • An understanding of the needs and feelings of children;
  • Ability to work independently, as well as being able to work in a team;

The work is often active and need stamina to keep up with the needs of a group of young, lively children.

Qualifications – Graduate with diploma/course in Education – Primary.

Work Experience – Minimum six months work experience

Creative skills such as music, dance, drama, arts and crafts are advantageous.


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