Safety Helth And Security

At Tinytown, We truly understand that once your child is stepping out the most important thing is there safety and security, apart from education and development.

We have taken major steps to ensure that your child is safe and secure unless you have received them from school. All of our staff including teachers, guards, principal take great care to ensure safety at preschool by creating a safe and healthy environment that allows children to learn without boundaries - creating a world of endless possibilities for themselves.

Please go through the safety measures that have been taken at our side.

Safety and Security

1.CCTV Camera: to keep an eye on to visitors and your children.

2. Fire Alarm.

3. Fire Extinguisher in case of need.

4. Access Control Entry.

5. Security Guards at every section of the school.

6. Nurse to be always with your children so that they don't come across any heavy or harmful objects in school.

7. Medications are stored out of the reach of children.

8. For further safety, children are not handed over to a person other than parents or a person who have identity proof and parent's letter.


▷ A well-balanced nutritionist recommended Diet ( Pure veg Kitchen).

▷ Maintenance of weight chart to keep track of health, of your children progress.

▷ Toddler-Friendly Toilets.

▷ Sanitizer Dispensers.

▷ All Toys that kids play with are cleaned with safe, non-toxic cleaning products on a daily basis. We ensure that kids wash their hands before eating anything.

▷All teachers are trained on First Aid.

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