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Nursery Education

Tiny town nursery school is a school next to home. The preschool is the first outing for the children where they are separated from the warmth and protected zone of their parents. Tiny town preschool one of the best preschool in ITPL, is next to home to the child, a place where children have enough material accompanied with good environment and loving teachers and staffs to make them feel comfortable and secure.

Importance of nursery education in children’s growth and development.

From the medium of nursery school, the child enters a new world, where they experience things that impacts their behaviour in future. The child is like a plain canvas, whatever they experience during this stage starts to make impression on him that defines his future behaviour. Tiny Town Nursery, a nursery school in ITPL, is extremely conscious of the impact and importance of the nursery education on children and hence, has implemented best methods and instruments to make this stage for children enjoyable.

Environment of the nursery school

The space that a child is to stay, share and enjoy in for a good number of hours, obviously needs to be clean, attractive, open and allows the child to explore and play by opening his body parts. The main idea of nursery school is to allow children to explore their environment and develop motor skills, like holding, grasping and socializing with teachers and his peers. The schools have play area complimented with colourful toys, sand pit with buckets and trowels, and many more play cum learning tools.

Role of teachers

From the lap of their mother the child falls in the hand of teachers. The next person who will impact the child greatly. Hence teachers for nursery school are highly qualified with knowledge of child development and learning. A qualified, soft spoken, loving teacher can influence and stay with the child in his memory for long time. The child imbibes many habits and styles from the teacher.

The teacher’s presentation, patience with children, speaking skills- soft and clear, how well she conducts and plays with the children, all are crucial aspects. Along with teachers the co-helpers and staff also play an important role in the child’s growth. Nursery schools are extremely careful in employing staffs and do the necessary checking’s.

What the child learns in Nursery School

Nursery school is a stepping stone to the primary school. The child gets prepared for the big school.

  • The child learns time management- getting up on time, dressing up and going to school. In school play time, tiffin time, story time, fun time etc.
  • The child gets toilet trained. Learns to use toilet by himself with little assistant.
  • The child learns to identify and take care of his belongings. The child can recognize and acknowledge his bag, tiffin, shoes etc.
  • The child learns to socialize, play with their own age group, make friends, learn to recognize his name and his friends name, learns behaviour traits with teachers and among his groups.
  • Pre-writing skills- the child can use crayons and chalks for drawing, scribbling, etc. the child learns to hold and control his hands which later helps them to use pencils for writing.
  • Listening and identifying words- the child can recite songs poems and is shown alphabets also to recognize. He is slowly introduced to alphabets and phonetic sounds, which help him to identify and speak letters.

Essential facilities a nursery school must have

  • A neat, clean, heathy and hygienic environment that includes children-friendly clean toilets and wash areas.
  • Qualified, soft-spoken teachers and well-trained staff who enjoy and love children.
  • Colourful classrooms with plenty of edutainment toys.
  • Safe playground areas with outdoor children equipment, sandpit, etc.
  • Proper and comfortable rest and eating tiffin areas.
  • CCTV monitoring, security guards, fire alarms and fire extinguishers.
  • Good and safe transport facility.

Tiny town nursery school has all the facilities at the best and is one of the best day-cares in Whitefield Bangalore.


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