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Starting preschool and day-care is usually very tiresome for both parents and child. It is the first time they both will be separated for some hours. Coping and adjusting with it could take some time. Any transition brings a lot of discomfort and adjustments and poses problem for parents. The parents sometimes may think to delay the enrolment or use other measures to make their child enjoy day-care and preschool.

Tiny town nursery school is one of the best preschools in Whitefield. It is also among the best day-care in Whitefield. Parents, who have already enrolled in the school have experienced, how the child has been taken care of so well. They have learnt many things and are also very social and active. Once the child enrols in Tiny town, they enjoy school so much, that they miss it on holidays also.

For anxious parents Tiny Town is one of the best solutions for pre-school in Whitefield. We can discuss few techniques a parent can use, that may help the child to enjoy and adjust well in school.

  • Anxious parents-

It is usually seen that parents are more anxious than children, which can make the children also anxious and tearful. It is first important for parents to route their emotional status and then explain the good factors of school.

  • Pre-planning-

The parents should wean the child a few months before they are scheduled to day-care & preschool. They should take their child to park or other places where there are many children of their age and allow them to mix with them. At the same time, they can leave their child for small durations, so that the child is able to mingle without the parents’ presence.

They can also observe how the child is behaving and accordingly they can encourage them.

  • Prep-talk

parent must try to talk to the children about the school, as to what activities are conducted. The amount of games and toys they can have and enjoy in the school, and the new friends they will be able to make, all in a positive manner. Parents can also relate their experience or their elder sibling’s experience in and exciting and humorous manner, that can get the child excited about the school.

  • Dropping the child to day-care & preschool.

The first day and the proceeding few weeks could be disastrous. The child who is not crying may start crying seeing other children. This is the most common scenario outside the school. The parents can take turns for dropping the child or they can someday take help of their grandparents or uncles to drop.

The children may start crying more when the parents are at the last drop. So, the parents must take turns evaluating the moods of the child.

  • Breaking the schedule

The parents must not allow the child to take leaves form the school, as it may break the rhythm, until it is very necessary. The child must be asked after the school about his time spent in the school. They can be encouraged to make friends and play at places like sand-pit or swings, which the child may enjoy.

  • Food

Food is related to joy and home. So, parents can pack their favourite food, with favourite character on tiffin box and water bottles. They can be taken to shopping to select their bags and other related articles, which can be a mood enhancer during the school time.

  • Near to the home

It is best to select the schools that is near to the home. It gives the child a feeling of closeness and nearby. For people staying in Whitefield, there are good options available. Tiny town nursery school is one of the best preschools in Whitefield. It is also among the best day-care in Whitefield.


Now let us discuss some points as to how the playschool can benefit the child.

A preschool and day-care is an important development stage for the child. The child learns a lot of things during this stage.The child is like a blank slate, when they enter the day-care and preschool, and all the experiences began to take shape here only. Hence its important for parents to do a good study of best day-care in Whitefield/ Best preschool in Whitefield, before enrolling.

  • The child learns time management- getting up on time, dressing up and going to school. In school play time, tiffin time, story time, fun time etc.
  • The child gets toilet trained i.e. how to use toilet by himself with little assistant.
  • The child can recognize and acknowledge his bag, tiffin, shoes etc. Pre-writing skills- the child can use crayons and chalks for drawing, scribbling, etc.
  • The child learns to socialize, play with their own age group, make friends, learn to recognize his name and his friends name, learns behaviour traits with teachers and among his groups.
  • Pre-writing skills- the child can use crayons and chalks for drawing, scribbling, etc. the child learns to hold and control his hands which later helps them to use pencils for writing.
  • Listening and identifying words- the child can recite songs poems and is shown alphabets also to recognize. He is slowly introduced to alphabets and phonetic sounds, which help him to identify and speak letters.

Tiny town is one of the best day-care in Whitefield/ Best preschool in Whitefield, for parents staying at Whitefield, with all the necessary facilities at its best.

  • August 7, 2018
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