Classes Permissible Age Learning
Learning 3(+) We teach Indian Classical, Bollywood Style etc dances to children, this helps them to remain fit and same time its a good thing to learn.
Music 3(+) Learning Music, creates a sense of joy in children, and a happy child is always ready to learn new things without hesitation.
Karate 5(+) Helps your children to learn some self-defense in case of need and also ensures a healthy life.
Keyboard 5(+) We have special classes for Keyboard Playing.
Creative Handwriting 5(+) This Training Helps children to become more and more, expressive so that they can draw all their ideas on to paper efficiently.
Cooking And Baking 5(+) We help children to learn some basics of Cooking & Baking, as it makes them more independent.
Leadership Skills 5(+) Training and Skills that help children to handle any adverse condition arising at any point of time.

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