About Tiny Town

Tiny Town provides a world of happiness for both children & parents. Our centre is as unique & special as your children. We offer the distinctive combination of the highest standards of childcare with an educational, nurturing, homely &, most importantly, – loving environment! At Tiny Town the needs, rights and views of every child and parent are at the centre of our practice and provision. Every child needs to know that they are special. The secure, warm and safe environment of our baby & toddler unit coupled with well-planned infrastructure.

Consistent provision enables our children to make choices and to become deeply involved from an early age. To us, it is all about developing children’s playful interactions, imagination and learning, by providing environment conducive to explore

We enable children aged between 6 weeks and 6 years to experience every day as a new adventure.

A day at Tiny Town can be challenging, rewarding, involving and exhilarating from indoor and outdoor physical play to the relaxing and stimulating surroundings of the sensory environment.

Dedicated Key Staff: It takes a very special kind of person to work with children. At Tiny Town we have a highly qualified team who understand the responsibilities they hold in shaping the early years of a child’s life that can identify how their own skills and experiences can be transferred into helping a child’s development

A typical busy day may involve building a brick tower and knocking it down dressing up or getting very messy exploring media and materials, having fun while dancing and learning music. Tiny Town provides a range of stimulating opportunities to embed a secure foundation for future learning. We ensure children are able to make a positive contribution and achieve whilst enjoying the learning experience. Staff supports children language development using songs, books and conversation and a written account for you to take home and share with the rest of the family.

Food & Nutrition : We ensure children are given varied and healthy foods, providing freshly prepared breakfast, mid-morning snack, a hot meal for lunch and a snack in the afternoon. Our menu is designed to provide well balanced and nutritious meals and snacks. We make sure that all meals are served using the freshest and appropriate ingredients for the child’s diet, health, allergy, and cultural requirements mean you have one less thing to worry about!

Stimulating & Secure Learning Environment: A child’s safety is everything to us... there is no compromise. The safety policy and procedures include the state of the art CCTV, access control entry and fire alarm systems. At the tiny town we provide, an environment that is stimulating, challenging and adaptable to various developmental levels. We have bright and spacious classrooms and Indoor/outdoor play area.

Co-curricular Programmers:

Our co-curriculum is about providing a child with opportunities to develop skills and interests and help in shaping a better future. Our Co-curricular activities complement the academic curriculum and offer different ways to prepare the child for success in future. The activities include- Dance, Music, Sports and Creative activities like Cooking classes, arts, and crafts, pottery etc.

Our Co-curricular activities strive to make a child self-confident, problem solver, a good thinker and active in all different activities and academic performance. It makes them responsible and positive towards school, home, and society.

Open Door Policy:

At Tiny Town we strive in every way to create an environment for your child that is full of social activity, fun, play, and educational development.

We encourage and value your input as a parent. Hence we hold an open house policy so the parents can come to visit their children any time – any day.

Our staff is available at the end of each day to provide an update on the child’s progress and we always welcome parents’ thoughts or opinions on our services and child’s needs.

At Tiny Town we understand how difficult it can be placing your child in nursery for the first time. You may have feelings of indecision, apprehension and sometimes fear, which is completely natural and very understandable! Our flexible settling in policy provides support for children and parents by assessing each family’s individual requirements. We want you to be safe in the knowledge that we have a commitment to the children in our care to give them the best possible start in life, developing positive identity, self-esteem and respect for others.

What We Can Offer

Special Infant Care
Open Door Policy and CCTV Monitoring
Well Balanced Nutritionist Recommended Diet (Pure Veg Kitchen)
Exercise Sessions For Good Physical Health
Only 10 Corporate Holidays In Year
Loving/Safe/Secure and Hygienic Environment)
Transportation and Saturday & Sunday Facilities Available
British Standard Preschool & Daycare with 10,000 sqft of space
After School Care
(Homework Assistance/Storytelling/Dance/
Music/Drawing/Karate & Painting Classes)

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